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MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This


Here is a blast from the past courtesy of MC Hammer with U Cant Touch This! I really remember this one form the early nineties when I started my first job at an electronics factory – seem so long ago now!

MC hammer went on to become extremely popular for a while, selling many singles from his album, but then he went out of fashion, things moved on and he drifted into obscurity. Long live the Hammer!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

This is the trailer for the latest Batman/Superman trailer Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There seems to be a lot of buzz around this, however most these films nowadays rely too heavily on special effects, with the story line just there to string them all together. I’ll probably watch it though!

Recommended Leeds Builders in the Leeds Area

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If you are looking for builders in the Leeds area for your renovation project, look no further than the guys above. The Leeds builders will come and give you a no obligation free competitive quote as well as advice about how you can achieve your goal.

TVR 390SE in Leeds



Here is an awesome video of a TVR 390SE driving through the tunnels in Leeds. This reminds me of my own Chimera 450 which I had a few years ago. This car was tremendous fun on the open road in the summer time, however it turned out to be way too extreme for everyday use.

I still miss the character of the car though and the roar and burble of the V8 engine. It’s a real shame that TVR wasn’t bought out by somebody like Honda, who could have built it properly, resulting in a reliable car that had all the same characteristics.

The car was also quite expensive to run and I did take the time to find the best valeting company in the Leeds area when it came to car cleaning. The best way to do this is to just type “car valeting leeds” into a search engine such as google, yahoo or bing and then look for the recommended valeting business with the most reviews. You can do this on both the website and facebook.

If it is a rainy time of year then you might just want to go for the basic valet, however if the weather is good and you want to take your car for a spin on the country roads, then a full valet with machine polishing is a must!

If you want to save money you could just wash the car yourself, but without the right equipment it can take several hours to clean and wax the car as well as vacuum and polish the interior as well.

Things to Contemplate Before Choosing Your New Hairstyle

While changing your hairstyle can do wonders for your look on the streets of Leeds, the big decision can sometimes not turn out as expected. To avoid disappointments, consider the following factors before choosing a new hair style.

1. Maintenance

It is important to note that a new hairstyle also comes with new requirements. If you want to change to a hairdo that requires you to put in a lot of effort to maintain it, such as a new hairstyle with bangs or a crop haircut that requires you to style your hair into place every morning, then you need to ensure that you have enough time to do that. Otherwise, you need to choose a low maintenance hairstyle when your mobile hairdresser next come s to visit.

2. Facial Structure

Another important factor to consider when choosing a new hairstyle is your facial structure. Most people fall into seven different groups when it comes to facial structure, with each of these being appropriate for a given hairstyle.

3. Does It Require Regular Salon Visits?

This is an important question to contemplate before making your next salon appointment. It is important to avoid a hairdo that will require you to make frequent visits to the local salon. Obviously, visiting the salon too often means you will have to spend a greater amount of money on your new hairstyle. Otherwise, you may want to have the phone number of an affordable mobile hairdresser, who can come and address your hairstyle needs in the comfort and convenience of your living space without having to go to the salon.

4. Versatility

Many women will change their hairstyle and after a short while, they are fed up with it. If you prefer a particular length that allows you to create multiple hairstyles, don’t be in a hurry to change to a hairstyle that offers minimal versatility. If you want to try out longer styles, then consider weaves, wigs or braids.

5. Your Hair Condition

Your hair condition is also important when choosing a new style. If your hair is damaged, it is advisable to get a good haircut. Keep in mind that damaged hair is likely to continue breaking even when it is fully grown, so getting a haircut may be the right solution for you. If you have healthy hair, you can change it any time you want because it will grow out over time.

6. Hair texture

For the best way to actually get the right hairstyle for you, you need to consider your hair texture as well. Your hair texture plays a very important role in determining whether you can get a certain length and style. Therefore, do your homework or ask your hairdresser to examine your hair and give you proper advice on what will work for you.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to select the right hairstyle for you. Your mobile hairdresser in Leeds should also be able to recommend a hairstyle that will suit your needs. That way, you will always be happy with your new hairstyle! For the best home hair stylist in Leeds you should search in a search engine such as yahoo or bing or ask around on social media for recommendations. Sites such as facebook usually feature pictures of hair styles that the hairdresser has done for previous clients and so this can also be an excellent place to search.


How Much Money Does a Plumber Make?

plumber picture 12Remember that Harrogate plumbers either charge by the venture or hour. The normal hourly rate ranges from £45-£100, which can depend to a large extent upon your area. A few of the plumbers additionally charge time and a half for weekend and after hour calls. Remember that extra charges can also sometimes apply.

For example, if it becomes necessary needs to cut through part of your roof to get to a break, he may charge you more for the work. You can hope to pay about £40 every hour for settling the channel lines and about £45 every hour for sewer lines. For basic services like hiring a plumber Harrogate for boiler repair, you will pay £25 to £40 every hour or work.

A few plumbers additionally charge for the drive to and from your area, getting parts and so forth. You may have the capacity to get a harsh gauge via telephone with a few contractors, yet some oblige that you meet with them in person.

Given all these expenses, it is still make good money if he has built a solid reputation for reliability and quality work. For such a plumber in the Harrogate area Click Here: Plumbers >>

One important factor that can determine how much a plumber makes is the amount of business that he (or sometimes she) gets each day. Lead gen companies often charge a lot of money for their services and local advertizing can sometimes yield disappointing results.