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MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This


Here is a blast from the past courtesy of MC Hammer with U Cant Touch This! I really remember this one form the early nineties when I started my first job at an electronics factory – seem so long ago now!

MC hammer went on to become extremely popular for a while, selling many singles from his album, but then he went out of fashion, things moved on and he drifted into obscurity. Long live the Hammer!

How Much Money Does a Plumber Make?

plumber picture 12Remember that Harrogate plumbers either charge by the venture or hour. The normal hourly rate ranges from £45-£100, which can depend to a large extent upon your area. A few of the plumbers additionally charge time and a half for weekend and after hour calls. Remember that extra charges can also sometimes apply.

For example, if it becomes necessary needs to cut through part of your roof to get to a break, he may charge you more for the work. You can hope to pay about £40 every hour for settling the channel lines and about £45 every hour for sewer lines. For basic services like hiring a plumber Harrogate for boiler repair, you will pay £25 to £40 every hour or work.

A few plumbers additionally charge for the drive to and from your area, getting parts and so forth. You may have the capacity to get a harsh gauge via telephone with a few contractors, yet some oblige that you meet with them in person.